Graphs showing the numbers of unique visitors in the past year show that the highest number of unique visitors are recorded in the month of December (144,051,293) and the lowest recording of unique visitors is in February (111,399,015). This could be due to the influence of the Christmas season in which the millions of new customers will use amazon to purchase products as people become more aware of both the simplicity and safety of e-commerce. It is also shown that a larger demographic of females than males use the site.

EBay, another famous e-commerce site shows a similar trend of a rising number of unique visitors before December and then a dip which continues from the end of December till February.

Yahoo on the other hand is not an e-commerce site and therefore does not show the same trend as the previous two websites. The number of unique visitors actually dips from 169,735,880 in October to168, 785,599 in December.

The country with the highest percentage of visitors is the United States as over 54.5% of visitors are from the USA. The second is china with 5.4% and third is South Korea with 4.8%.

The total number of sites linking to Amazon as 1,107,024, with the number one site with the most links to Amazon is YouTube.


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