For your selected e-commerce site, assess the ease (or not) with which you can find the site using a search engine. Type some of the company’s branded products or key themes into a search engine. Discuss what is returned. Pay particular attention to ‘paid for’ results. Check where competitors appear, interpret the results, and make recommendations.

The chosen e-commerce site that I have used to assess is Amazon. Amazon is popular e-commerce site used by many people and is constantly expanding. When searching for the popular device on the internet, Amazon is one of the first site to show on the results page which shows that it is a popular site and frequently used by the people to purchase this product.

I searched for the kindle using the search engine google, and many sites appeared but the most frequent was Amazon showing other users preference.

Once the branded product was searched, a specific page describing the product appears to allow user to learn more about the product reiterating the fact that the product is theirs and have the most control over it.

On the results page, it is obvious that Amazon.com has a strong hold over the sales of the product as there is no other websites shown on the first page offering it to customers bar Amazon themselves. The only other pages that are not Amazon are reviews. They are not the only site to be promoting the sale of this product as many other sites such as eBay (one of amazon’s main competitors) and Argos appear but not until you search further through the results page on Google.


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