Social, Ethical and Legal Issue

It is important for the owners of the business to consider other factors regarding e-commerce other software, hardware and equipment. Other factors such as legal, ethical and social need to be consider to ensure that relationships with the users are not damaged.

Legal Issues

Legal issues is a main issue in regards to e-commerce. It is vital that legal issues are considered when using e-commerce as violating the rules, they could run the risk of being prosecuted. When displaying images or giving details about a product, it is important that these images and details are the correct ones as customers could prosecute for false advertising. IF a customer is unhappy, this would have a negative affect on the business’ revenue.

It is also important for the website themselves to protect the information they are displaying. By using a copyright logo the business will ensure that information that is on the site is protected and other people will not be able to use this for their own use without the permission of the owner. Security measures also need to be used to protect the customer also, having a SSL certificate will help build a strong relationship with the user and build trust between the two as the customer will feel more comfortable using the website to purchase product using their sensitive information such as bank details.

Ethical Issues

Payment systems for e-commerce sites know who the user is as the user needs to submit their details to purchase products so it is key to protect this information for the user. Users will be more comfortable using the website when they know that their sensitive information is being protected.

Amazon needs to consider the products they are offering also as the internet is open to everyone and there is no restriction on who views their website, meaning young children who use the internet could easily search through the website and see explicit information or products that are intentionally targeted at adults. This could damage the relationship between the business and the user having an adverse effect on the revenue of the company.

Social Issues

It is important the website caters for all types of users. As more people use the internet, older users may be less equipped in regards with computer skills. Making the Amazon website easy to search through and navigate through will increase the use of the website for sales having a positive effect on the revenue of the company.


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